If you take the time to read about our process, we are impressed. The biggest challenge we have in our business today is that people are too busy to deal with the things that are really going to make a difference in their future. Hopefully, we can make a difference in your life. Let’s spend 30 minutes together to find out.


Phase 1: The Intro Meeting


Our initial meeting is only 30 minutes and can happen just about anywhere. The intro meeting is designed to give you a good idea of the type of work we do, mostly we want to get to know you!

So, we will ask questions and discuss your vision of the financial future for yourself and your family. It is not a meeting where you will be asked to buy anything, but it is a meeting that lets us see if we can bring value to your planning or not. We will know that with certainty by the time we have shared 30 minutes with you. This will make the best use of your time and ours.

Phase 2: The Present Plan Review and Analysis

Assuming we have mutually agreed to move forward, a second meeting is about putting your Present Plan on paper. Your Present Plan is where you find yourself today from a financial point of view. It is really the sum total of all the investment, debt and insurance decisions made up until this point in your life. This meeting is typically 60 – 90 minutes.

Within your Present Plan, we will highlight and discuss all the things you really like about what you are doing now. Some examples would be that you are a good saver, or earn a good rate of return, or perhaps have a well diversified investment portfolio.

We will also discuss the things in your Present Plan that you do not like, such as: high taxes, not enough savings, or too much debt.

In this meeting we will also share with you some things that you likely do not know about your Present Plan. Things such as the amount of taxes that are sitting inside your RRSP that are growing at the same rate of return as the investments you hold. You will see that the tax amount in your retirement years is several times greater than all the taxes you deferred in the years you contributed. We can validate this truth, even if you will be in a lower tax bracket in retirement.

Phase 3: The Strategy Session

This third meeting is about creating a Wish List of all the good things that we may be able to help you achieve in your lifetime. Things like how to recapture all of the interest you have paid on your mortgages over the years, and return it to you as income in retirement.

We can also show you how to spend and enjoy a much higher level of income in your early (active) years of retirement, without the fear of running out.

We are also able to show you how to recapture the last 10 years of income taxes you have paid in your working years and return them to you in your retirement years. You won’t receive the money from the same source you gave it to (CRA) but you will be able to spend and enjoy it during your lifetime through our Strategic planning approach.

The Strategy Session is designed to give you a much greater outcome in your financial life without taking additional risk, while having more protection and benefits, and without sacrificing your lifestyle along the way.

Phase 4: The Strategic Review

All good plans need to be flexible enough to deal with the changes and challenges life sends us along the way. Our review meetings are designed to update your Present Plan and to see what adjustments need to be made. It is not a stagnant plan, it changes as needed.

Planning ahead for a better tomorrow